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This offer is currently valid April 1st - June 31st 2016

  Some afternoons, many early evenings, are available.

  Saturdays are booked up for now. 

  I will announce here on this page, and my homepage, when I have Saturday afternoon openings .

*Or, choose pay as you go: $26.00 per hour

Payments options include:

Click the button below to contact me directly and I will
get back to you ASAP to set up your purchase and schedule lessons.


Wanting to learn to play acoustic guitar?

Want to learn, without the hassle of conventional teaching styles?

$135.00 for:  6, One hour Guitar Lessons - Acoustic Guitar Only
Good January through March 31st 2016. New students are welcome.
Allow me to be your guide.
My methods are non-traditional without the hassle of conventional teaching styles?
Have you been thinking about learning to play the acoustic guitar for fun or, are seriously considering it? Have you ever dreaded the idea of learning all that 'music stuff', notes, measures, beats, counts etc....?
My instruction style is primarily taught on an acoustic guitar and not electric guitar. My techniques have often been described as relaxed learning without the traditional hassles out of video tutorials, or a book. I can teach you the many way's to intuitively tap the learning processes that will enable you to teach yourself to play effectively and efficiently.
Should you be trying online tutorials, where they fail, I fit in!   I can show you what your doing wrong, videos can not.

Some of the many Webster's Dictionary definitions of ' intuitive' include:

1 a : known or perceived by intuition : directly apprehended <had an intuitive awareness of his sister's feelings> b : knowable by intuition <intuitive truths> c : based on or agreeing with intuition <intuitive responses> <makes intuitive sense> d : readily learned or understood <software with an intuitive interface> 2: knowing or perceiving by intuition,  3 : possessing or given to intuition or insight <an intuitive mind

The intuitive approach allows you, the student, to find within yourself the internal vibrations and learning tools to teach yourself how to play acoustic guitar, while understanding some basic fundamentals of music in general. Altogether, adding to the creative process.

I would describe my style as relaxed/discipline, combining confidence with the joys of making music with out the hassles of traditional teaching methods.

Details:  Sessions available during daytime hours beginning 1:00 pm through 8:00 pm daily,  Monday through Friday.
I will do my best to accommodate after school and after workday business hours. Rescheduling is encouraged verses cancellation.

Ages 12 and up (adult must be present for anyone under the age of 18)

Location: Northwest suburbs (contact me through email for exact location) I prefer the student come to my location, I am open to short distance in home tutoring. I am available for onsite lessons at an additional cost.

Schedule- Days/Hours: Monday through Friday and some Saturdays 1:00 pm through 8:00 pm daily, Saturdays are currently booked.
Call ahead for appointments.

Or, choose to 'Pay as you go'  $26.00 per one hour 

I look forward to teaching you to learn guitar in a way you can derive the joys of making your own acoustic guitar.

● All sessions are final. No refunds. All sessions are by will, termination by teacher or student can be carried out at anytime.
Should the student decide to terminate, a one week notice is required. Refunds for cancellation fee's are not allowed

Contact me here or purchase directly from any of the available payment options motioned above or call me at:
and I will return your call immediately


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