What the Linda Kinkel Gift Fund is all about ...........

In 1997 I established The Linda Kinkel Gift Fund in order to raise money to help my sister, Dr. Linda Kinkel, who has MS. Linda suffers from an advanced form of MS which leaves her bed ridden and in need of constant 24/7 care. That year I gave my first benefit concert for Linda at the Prairie Center for the Arts, in Schaumburg, Illinois, along with special guests Michael Smith and The Boyzz, and my regular line up of some of Chicago's finest musicians....see 'Previous Concert 1997' page. I managed to raise enough funds to pitch in with the rest of my family and help defray some of Linda's medical costs, and her in home health care. The concert in 1997 yielded enough funds to help sustain Linda in her home and has helped to keep her out of a nursing home.

Nearly 4 years later, when the monies were running low, I started to plan another concert. This time,  the date was October 6th, 2001, just three weeks after 9-11-01.....who could have ever known about the events that were to unfold in our country?. Trepidatious and fearful of things to come, the plan was for the show to go on, after all, many people had already purchased tickets, and donations had been accepted. We put on a great show despite the somber mood of a nation filled with fear. The show was a success as  Eric Kinkel & friends took the stage followed by special guests Anne Hills, and later, The Boyzz, ...see 'Previous Concert 2001 page. We performed to a lesser crowd than the first show, but we still managed to raise enough funds to help Linda in the coming years.

I am very proud of what I have accomplished to date, and I could not have done any of it with out the help of my family, and some very dedicated friends and musicians, who in their own way  contributed to help keep my sister in her home and cared for, as she  continues to endure the cruelties of the this forsaken disease.

Although, I am not able to continuously put on concerts for Linda, I am hoping to keep this fund active with the help of those who understand this disease and how it affects the lives of those who have it.

In the summer of 2004, I put on my third " Brotherly Love Benefit" Concert, see Previous Concert 2004 for audio exerpts and a photo gallery of the nights events. Headlining this show was well known folk, country artist Tom Dundee. A longer set with Eric Kinkel & Friends, joined later by special guest Tom Dundee was the highlight of this special night, along with a raffle of the stage plant's and CDs. The Prairie Center for The Arts, in Schaumburg, Illinois, was the choice of venue, again for the third time in eight years.

If you have the chance, go to the 'My Sister' page and read more about Linda,  if you are feeling generous please make a donation here (see below) or, come to my next  concert, where, ALL the proceeds from ticket sales will continue to go to Linda's in home health care, and enjoy a great show  with Eric Kinkel & Friends, along with a special guest to be announced. Come share the experience with me and help give back to Linda.....for all the years of Life and love and joy she has brought to her family and those with whom her life has touched equally.

If you, or anyone you know, who might be interested in sponsoring my next concert for LInda by lending your support  through production considerations such as; sponsoring a Theatre, newspaper ad's, renting a sound system, lighting, or sponsoring as special guest musician, or just lending your talents as a musician, please let me know so we can make you a part of  'Team Kink' !.... all aboard !

If you would like to make a capitol donation to this fund please...


you can use your credit card or check to make a payment.

Stayed tuned to Eric Kinkel.com for more details regarding the next benefit concert for Linda ... coming to you in 2006.

Thank you for your support

See you there....

Eric & Linda -'04


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