In the fall of 2001, on October 6'th,  Eric held a second benefit concert for his sister Linda. With special guests Anne Hills and The Boyzz,  Eric's line up included Al Ehrich, on bass, Angela Martin, on violin, Kurt Christensen, on drums, Rich Koc, on pedal steel and Ken Pfeil, on lead guitar. Just three weeks after 9-11, there had been a somber tone to the evening, Eric opened up the evening with a unique arrangement of  our National Anthem "The Star Spangled Banner"  as our nations flag hang as a back drop to the stage set. It was an enjoyable evening, as Eric ran through his own set of original songs, as well as arrangements of some of Eric's favorite tunes. Anne Hills took the stage, recalling her feelings about post 9-11 and shared her thoughts of empathy, she admitted  waiting  in the wings  doing a little dancing to Eric's tunes back stage. Her beautiful voice rang clear through the Prairie Center for the Arts and into our hearts. Next up,  the Boyzz sat down to a set of acoustic versions of some of the rock originals from their albums, as well as some  arrangements of  a few  cover tunes. Dirty Dan Buck and Gil Pini, touched us, as Dirt  recalled his child hood growing up in  Fox valley, Illinois in a song they performed that cut through to the feeling we all felt that evening, as our thoughts were with those  whom 9-11 touched so deeply,

Thank you Dirt, Thank you Anne. Thank you Al, Rich, Ken, Kurt, and Angela for your  kindness and generosity , and for lending your talents to this show.


Here are some pix from that show.......

L-R, Al Ehrich, Anne Hills, Rich Koc, Eric Kinkel, Dirty Dan Buck, Ken Pfeil

Eric Kinkel & Dirty Dan

Eric & Anne sing, "The Dutchman"

Anne Hills

Angela Martin

Rich Koc & Eric do a little pickin after the show

Gil Pini & Dirty Dan (The Boyzz) 

Gil & Dirt

Eric Kinkel

Al Ehrich & Anne Hills

 Eric sings....one more time boys !

Anne sings "Follow that Road"

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