Ted Nugent: Human body sacred temple too many lay to ruin


Sunday, April 08, 2007

When was the last time you lovingly explained to your children that one's body is a sacred temple, a gift from God?

How about explaining it with the example you set?

By the looks of the slovenly, zombie-like, dangerously overweight and disgustingly mutilated sacred temples I see out there these days, one thing is painfully apparent. Very few parents have imparted that message.

During my DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) presentations at schools across the land, when asked, not a single child has ever heard the phrase "sacred temple" used to refer to his or her body.

There are so many tattoos and pierced body parts on American kids that in order to really be different nowadays, you simply have to choose to not get a tattoo or piercing.

The sheeping of America is almost complete. Righteous defiance would be a nice change.

Now, mind you, doing these silly things to one's body is no indicator of a criminal mind or worthless character.

Though every meth-infested felon I have ever seen appears to exhibit these traits, I know many decent, caring and even heroic Americans salt-of-the-earth folks who on the surface look like uprising voodoo Zulu warriors. Only the bone in the nose and a headdress on fire are missing.

In fact, some of the greatest heroes who have ever lived have these body alterations. Many brave warriors of the U.S. military and the heroes on Sept. 11, 2001, they who courageously dashed into the fiery towers, had tattoos and piercings. Know this.

But if I hear another family squawk that it "can't make ends meet" while wasting money on such superfluous indulgences, I think I am going to puke.

Let me get this straight: We need a $6 billion-a-year wasted government school lunch program because American families claim they cannot afford to make Johnny and Suzie a peanut butter and jelly sandwich the same parents who can smoke, drink and afford tattoos.

A diet of abject irresponsible waste and body-mutilation bling-bling?

I often wonder how much of this is paid for with welfare handouts. Ridiculous.

The once-sacred temple of the body, heart, mind and soul has now become the repository of poisons and follow-the-leader fashion missteps.

By themselves, these styles basically would be harmless. The big picture, though, shows this wastefulness to be another manifestation of the abandonment of discipline in parenting and in our schools.

With child obesity rates and meth use at national health emergency levels, I am convinced that this abandonment of discipline is directly related to irresponsible behavior in all its forms.

When examined honestly, it is a self-imposed death march the likes of which America has never seen before.

While hero warriors of the U.S. military are putting their lives on the line every day during this tragic war on terror, we Americans should have an even more powerful sense of civic duty to be the best that we can be, now more than ever.

A fat, unhealthy, undisciplined, disprioritized America is a weaker America.

If our fighting men and women are willing to die for freedom, the least we should do is make intelligent, positive choices to show respect and appreciation for the freedom provided to do so.

Our bodies are sacred temples. America is a sacred temple. It is time to treat them as such.

Ted Nugent is a Waco-based musician and television show host.

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