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In my moments of existence, anniversaries are a sentimental essential.

If you can't find time to celebrate your past and those who brought you life, love and happiness, or to remember inspiring events which moved you forward, how can you advance with any degree of certainty, a future that respectfully takes into regard the lives of those who gave you so many things which motivated you to go beyond your aspirations or dreams?

No matter that which you choose to recall, we all cherish certain things, people and moments which have brought great meaning to our own existence as individuals.

Whether your sentiment is emotionally based or grounded in existential thoughts, reveries, consciousness reminiscent memories, of  things that happened in the past and have already affected your future. Honor that!

Be patient and kind with those who honor, observe and pay homage to life long anniversaries.

Having reverence for the existence and moments in your life, and of those before us, gives us purpose and more


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This site also contains a variety of information pertaining to an array of enterprising ventures, tributes, concerts, philanthropic endeavors and personal interest's. Since the launching of Eric in October, 2003  positive results have annually accumulated high volume's of web traffic.

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