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Ghandi Kink

'Tongue in cheek, Ghandi Kink'

Always be kind!

Protect yourself!

Use slow and purposeful motion whenever, and wherever possible!

Always stand for your aspirations!

Never budge for interference whether physical, emotional or biological!

You regulate and decide your own life's decisions. No one runs your life but yourself, no politicians, rock stars etc...!

Punish no one!

Allow and observe others to make their own choices, good or bad!

When others say: you can't do it! it anyway!

When others lie: be kind...stand your ground!

When others say: you have a bad it anyway!

When others say: it won't it anyway!

When others say: how long is it going to take you?...take your time, do it anyway!

When others say: you've never done it it anyway!

When others say: you failed many it anyway!

When others say: You must - you have to or, your required to.  Remember, there is nothing, or anyone who can force you against your will.

Do all things to your heart's desire!  Do no harm in the process.

Continue your passion, what ever it may be...regardless of others!  Be kind about it!

You will die happier leading yourself  than if you follow blindly. Especially when others selfishly assert what they think you 'should' do!

When others do not understand you, or dismiss you...plow on regardless!!

We are all comprised of the same matter!

Know the muliti-verse and understand that you are a part of it, along with everything around and about you!

Think of yourself as multi-dimensional, 'the universe' is no longer is singular, it is absolute in that it is a multi-verse in the sense that you are more than what you think, see and feel!

Complete recognition of your own thinking and decisions regarding your life, should be a primary focus!

When possible, try not to see things blindly or be a flatlander...look it up!

Ghandi Kink

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