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Arlene Kinkel February 24th, 1929 - 2006...Eric Kinkel's late Mother

'The Love by which I judge'

Original draft: May 10th, 2007

Edited last: 5-12-2013

By; Eric Kinkel

This year will be a particularly difficult Mother’s Day as it has been a very short four and a half months since my mother passed away on December 26th 2006. A solitaire trip to the cemetery on Sunday, the tears will fall heavy as I seek alone time with my mom. It will surely remind me of the void in my life.

This past week prior, as I hear all the radio and T.V. ads about Mother's Day, they will remind me of the impending day to celebrate the great symbiotic love between a mother and a sibling. In turn, I will concurrently
be reminded of her early departure.

It is important to note that my mother’s love is the standard by which I judge all love.

In those living years, your mothers physical being, her greeting, her smile, her warmth and understanding comes over you with such pleasant magnetism it can easily be taken for granted. I remember everything about my mother, and my life with her. These very memories carry me through the low times in my life…they never die, they just get better!

I had much time to prepare for my mothers departure, yet her physical death still remains and uneasy memory. I continue to come to grips with those moments and try to remember that she would have preferred I focus my efforts on simply living my life with out such regret, and to continue to become a unique productive individual who embodies the same kind of radiance she affirmed in me.

This Mothers day celebrate your Mother’s life whether she is with you or not. Use the strength and symbiosis attributed by your mother, to pass on what ever goodness and mercy you can.

Every day should be Mother's Day whether you are with her or not. To contemplate your existence must start with your mother and end with love in your heart for her, regardless of your personal circumstances. This is the one human who gave you life.

I witness women everyday who are mothers. They never cease to love their children, regardless of their own life's tribulations.  This remains a constant, even through illness and unsettling times.

I long for, and and desire to seek out a similar love. I am hopeful one day to find such an individual. One who who embraces the best of her beauty along with and unending nurturing spirit. In turn I will reciprocate the same.

I continue to base my understanding of love on that which my Mother exemplified everyday she was alive while raising me and my sisters with that unique and unconditional kind of love that all mothers share, and impart.


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