Nugent Motors Into Palatine

"Motor City Madman" Ted Nugent expected to arrive in Palatine yesterday (Wednesday) at 5 p.m. for the dedication of a rock n' roll monument to his late mother, Marion "Ma" Nugent, outside Durty Nellie's pub.

Spearheaded by local musician and Palatine resident Eric Kinkel, the 7,800-lb. stone tribute was to be unveiled in front of the Palatine eatery and pub.

Nugent's mother was a Palatine resident for 28 years. According to Kinkel, she had a buoyant and outgoing personality who shared her love of music with those she met.

As a family friend, Kinkel decided it was time to honor the "foremost" rock n' roll mom.

"After she passed away in 1989, there was never anything done to honor Ted's mom in a way she should be remembered," said Kinkel.

After discussing his plans with Nugent and Durty Nellie's club owner Mark Dolezal, along with Mayor Rita Mullins, Kinkel proceeded with his project.

Palatine business owner Paul Munagian of Class Landscaping donated the four-ton boulder and helped to secure the monument in front of Durty Nellies, surrounding it with a "dazzling" flower bed.

With Nugent's support, Kinkel was able to honor Nugent's mother in eternity by constructing this monument, complete with a sand-blasted likeness of "Ma" and a bronze plaque engraved with an inscription penned by Kinkel along with input from Nugent.

Nugent's mother went on to become a local celebrity herself when she was asked by a local entertainment publication the "Illinois Entertainer" to write a column called " 'Ma' Nugent's Mail."

A "Dear Abbey" of sorts, Nugent's mother answered questions about everything rock n' roll, and at times touched on a few social matters.

According to Kinkel, she also frequented local clubs and venues to seek out and encourage those with the same will and fortitude her son embraced.

On June 11, 2006 Kinkel produced and put on a memorial concert for the late Marion Nugent. She lived in Palatine from 1967 until 1989 when she succumbed to cancer. Ted Nugent graduated from St. Viator High School in Arlington Heights.