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Eric guy leaning on fence, drives women wild!
                          Photo By: Jim Horst

Early Pic's
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Photo Gallery #1


Eric Kinkel, The Kink is back!
Photo By: Jim Horst

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Photo Gallery #2

McKink Photo Gallery
Photo's by: Jim Horst

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Photo Gallery #3


Eric Kinkel, sexy guitar player

                                   Photo By: Jim Horst
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Photo Gallery #4

                   Photo by: Larry Schaefer

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Photo Gallery #4


My photo team

Larry Schaefer

Black hole_13
Jim Horst

Appearing on my web site are photo contributions by the following; Larry Schaefer, Jim Horst, Gary Lingner, Chris Hanson, Jolyn Hecht, Scot Stadalsky, Paul Natkin, James Brown, Jorie Gracen, Ellen Moser and Gail Arnold. Look for photo credits by these dear friends who continue  to support me in all my endeavors. I consider their  time and effort of valuable assistance and image enhancement to Eric As evident, these photographers have a keen eye for a slick shot. A hardy thanks and  shutterbug wink to my friends behind the lenz. My 'many' hats off to you. E.K.

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Additionally: This web site is a virtual window to the life of Eric Kinkel and was created and designed to continually inform, update and occasionally be entertaining for those who have interest in the many personal projects and commentary he initiates. Eric contains revealing personal content and editorial. Names of those who have worked with Eric on projects, personal, professional or otherwise may appear on this website.

Through out the years these personal project's, tributes, concerts, philanthropic endeavors etcetera, have contributed to an ever increasing high volume of web traffic and continues to expand at a rapid rate since the launching of the web site in October, 2003.

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