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Old music, new man

V. 2.5

A while back a friend said to me; Eric, you listen to, too much old music.

Wow, that really got my goat!  So, I started to listen to more older music than ever before. As a result, I can safely say I listen to more "new" songs than previously. Make sense?.

Keeping in mind that music never heard, becomes "new" to the listener no matter how old, new or present it may be.

The massive body of music that the human race has comprised is so mind boggling to consider.

Yowza!!....soul filled rhythm's, joyous melodies, heartfelt lyric's, screaming guitars, heart pounding rhythm's, all are a constant, in our universe.....we should appreciate every minutia of this human vibrating creative craziness.

Therefore, I surmise, that all music is game, past, present and future.

Seriously, I do listen to allot of music currently being played on the radio, CDs and things friends share with me along with things I discover on my own. Occasionally, I drop in on at local clubs and get a taste of what non sense or, genius is in the area.

For example; this past year I discovered new talent here in my hometown. I was seriously thinking of financing them just to see where I could take them or, where they could go on their own. They were a hard driving band of youngsters called "Shades Of Reality"
listen to their song "Compared To Nothing" . And you think I'm a stick in the mud folkie...sheeeet

I'll never admit to which artisists I currently admire. I can say there are very few in the murky ponds of musical muk that stagnates in cyber music jungle land. Allot of it stinks. But, who am I to say, many people think I stink to....feel better now?

In all honesty you can not claim I don't listen to "new" music. The statement claiming I listen to to much "old" music can only be a misunderstanding at best. Understanding is key!

I believe today's musical soul is lost. Being replaced with unimpressive rotting mulch of re hashed rhythms gone awry, sending most rock -n- roll music into an abyss of redundant - uber stupidity.

I am always hopeful that something, someone, or, some band will come along and change the pendulum of the musical status quo. Like the  pioneering geniuses of: The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Door's, Janis Joplin, Ted Nugent, Queen etc...the list can go on and on. Not necessarily to bring them back, but to hope for an artist, or artist's, who could seek out, creative mind bending innovations, boldly initiate, and ultimately mastermind a stake out of new musical territory never before seen or heard. Something the vast majority of rock n roll listeners will tilt their heads and say "yeah, that just twisted my cork"...or, "touched my soul" or, "made my heart flutter".

There are many who do such things now, but I'm waiting for the next BIG paradigm of change that will stand the test of time in the world of rock forever!

Chances are who ever the artist's may be, they will write "new" music inspired by "all" forms of music, whether it is new or old, the inspirations of past and present music will carry on to a greater human imagination someday, somewhere, somehow, we can only hold out hope for such change.

So, to those who "think" I listen to too much "old" music I have no apologies.

I've written music which hopefully has touch many a soul in the deepest of human way's. I am comfortable with that. I will continue to listen to old and new music alike. In the mean time I will seek out what ever vibrations my DNA finds inspiring be it past, present or new.

Remember, music mirrors the vibrations of your soul.

Everything else is just mashed potatoes, would someone please pass the gravy?? :-)


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