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 Kink visits backstage with old friends, Dirty Dan Buck and Ted Nugent

"Dirty" Dan and "The Kink" before the rocks start rollin'

On Sunday July 3rd 2005, I went to see my old friends and rock 'n' rollers in crime, Dirty Dan Buck and Ted Nugent. World renowned Naperville Rib fest were the hosts. But, folks this was not just any festival, this was a sonic boom of culinary, musical masterpieces, combined to culminate in the evenings headline extravaganza featuring Ted Nugent.

When I got there I was warmly greeted by old friend Dirty Dan Buck. We quickly went backstage and reminisced about some old times and some new musical ventures we may endeavor together. Dirt and the Boyzz, along with his crew, are not just another rock 'n roll band, they are quite simply the antithesis of what every hard driving rhythm and blues, and rock 'n roll band should be. They know how to bring the house down, and to drive home a spirit sharing with everyone, their infectious attitude. They took the stage with a powerful song set which included songs like; Shady lady, Walk'n talk'n sexy thang, and of course, To wild to tame. The night would never be the same.

Afterwards, Ted  arrived backstage, along with a commanding presence of police escorts, he was promptly escorted directly to his dressing room. No more than five minutes later, after hearing that his old friend Kink was there I was summoned to go directly to Ted's dressing room. Ted greeted me with a hardy warmth rarely seen in the rock 'n roll circles. 'How the hell how are you Eric' Ted retorted. Your ole Uncle Eric here I replied. Ted's wife Shemane and son and daughter, Rocco and Sasha greeted me as well. We spent some time talking about the old day's remembering Ted's Mother, Marion 'Ma' Nugent. We continued to talk about guitars, guns, hunting, women...oh what a combo. Shemane and I recalled some personal remembrances as Rocco chimed in on occasion.

Ted went on about 45 minutes later to a cheering crowd that had certainly surpassed the tens of thousands mark...chanting Ted, Ted, Ted, Ted, Ted, Ted...Waving the American Flag, guitar in hand drum thunder pounding, Ted ripped into "Soul Man" never it before. Continuing all night long, Ted screamed with his guitar deafening song set that reached in and beat your heart for you! Kiss my Ass, Stranglehold, Hey Baby, Free For All, Cat Scratch Fever, Fred Bear. A welling in my eyes appeared along with an in describable happiness, one which recalled the pride his mother used to exude when she was still with us.

That welling in my eyes continued as I imagined Marion 'Ma' standing aside us and her family, gleaming, chuckling and ultimately assured that Teds attraction, tidal wave-like guitar virtuosity and command of showmanship was almost beyond her comprehension, but none the less her
heart was always a glow, as always.

A night to remember!

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"Dirty" Dan and "The Kink" before the rocks start rollin'"Dirt" and the Boyzz on stage in Naperville.


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