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By viewing Eric Kinkel.com, you agree to the the following terms and conditions:

The website domain known as: www.erickinkel.com, sole proprietorship is owned by: Eric Kinkel. All content of this website is property of Eric Kinkel. As administrator, the owner allows the preview of it's content for viewers only. All content of Eric Kinkel.com is considered non threatening. All content is not meant to cause harm to any corporation, LLC, group of persons, race, ethnicity or, any one individual.

Any and all combinations of graphics, text, audio and video appearing on this website are property of Eric Kinkel the sole proprietor and is compliant with the U.S. Intellectual Property Act H. R. 2391

Additionally, viewing privileges, abuse of copyright infringement, provided in this agreement by anyone legitimately accessing this website, you are affirming that you will not use any content within this website, or for any reasons deemed illegal or, misuse, hold accountable the owner. Any form of illegitimate access, by way of contact, ie: using a legitimate or, non-legitimate email address, by contacting this website through a second or third party, and who abuse the viewing privileges of this website for unscrupulous, surreptitious or illegal reasons set forth in this agreement, will immediately be remanded for legal action, if necessary!

Linking to Eric Kinkel.com is allowed, however permission to link to Eric Kinkel.com is  called for as a courtesy and can be denied at any time by the owner mentioned above. Any unsolicited homepage links or, hot links of images which are deemed harmful, predatory or, draw unusually high bandwidth from Eric Kinkel.com will be removed. All images and content of Eric Kinkel.com are copyright protected and permission to use any content prior to use on any other website or for any other reason must be obtained by contacting Eric Kinkel directly using the contact page on the website. Any and all technical difficulties or, aspects regarding navigation, operation or scripts on this website can be remedied by contacting the webmaster at: Drako Website Management and Design. Simply select the
'Contact' link button which appears at the bottom of any page you may be on. All inquiries should address the specific page and problem in question. Occasionally, and only when necessary, this website may be down for maintenance.

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Additionally: This web site is a virtual window to the life of Eric Kinkel, it reveals: non threatening, harmless personal content, images and editorial commentary often humorous in nature and never meant to cause harm to any corporation, LLC, group of persons, race, ethnicity or, any one individual. This site is specifically created and designed to continually inform, update and occasionally be entertaining for those who have interest in the many projects initiated. Names of those who have worked with Mr. Kinkel on projects, personal, professional or otherwise, may appear on this website.

This site also contains a variety of information pertaining to an array of enterprising ventures, tributes, concerts, philanthropic endeavors and personal interest's. Since the launching of Eric Kinkel.com in October, 2003 positive results have annually accumulated high volume's of web traffic.

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