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The reissue of my 1988 release "A Long Time Coming"
"A Long Time Away"

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Cover art by; Luke Allsbrook

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Track list:

  1) Take Me Out To The Ballgame  - 2:46
  2) Silent Tuesday  - 3:53
  3) Mary's Home  - 4:26
  4) The Dutchman  - 4:25
  5) Time For You Again  - 4:15
 6) Three Shadows  - 3:30
 7) Antique Spirits   - 3:05
 8) Reverie  - 3:56
  9) Joel's Waltz  - 3:49
10) Summer Solstice  - 3:51
11) Bonus track - Snowflakes - 4:18
12) Bonus track - The Pendulum - 2:43

Recently, my friend Gary and I unearthed a CD rom master of my 1988 release
"A Long Time Coming" album.

After careful consideration we determined  that this body of work should be re mastered and consequently re issued under the new title: "A Long Time Away".

In my follow up "tape" search, I unearthed two additional "bonus" tracks which have never been heard before; "Snowflakes" and an instrumental called "The Pendulum"

It is important to note that this album has some historical sentiment attached to it. Such as; much of this album was recorded with the Ovation acoustic guitar given to me by my friend and famous rocker Ted Nugent back in the late eighties.

This now infamous guitar can be heard with an entirely different slant.

The album also features appearances by; Dirty Dan Buck of The Boyzz, joining me for the background vocals on a track called "Reverie".

Also, included are background vocals by; Fran Spizzirri and Jean Dalleska,
Mike Kennedy, and Ralph and Anna Schuman.

My dear friends; pedal steel player, Rich Koc, violinist; Angela Licari, flutist; Nick Bisesi, Kurt Christensen on drums, as well as additional guitar and bass work by
and Jeff Pfeil.

Ken Pfeil co-produced and added slick guitar work through out the entire album.

Extraordinary recording and engineering were pulled off by Ken Pfeil and Gary Lingner at First Take studio's in Hanover Park, IL.

I produced ALTC at a time when I was in the midst of an energy filled heart throbbing time of innocence.

I am excited at the prospect of reissuing this product of hard work pride and effort.

Together, we managed to pull together a heart wrenching tribute to my passions of that era.


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