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Friday, June 9th, 2006

Palatine to honor mother of rocker
By Sara Faiwell
Daily Herald Staff Writer

If local musician Eric Kinkel had his way, Palatine would become famous for one very special mother - Ma Nugent.

This is the late Marion Nugent, mom of hard-rock guitarist Ted Nugent, who is known as much for his music as his conservative viewpoint and love of hunting.

Marion "Ma" Nugent was a Palatine resident for 28 years. She died in 1989, and Kinkel, who was a close friend, said she never had the proper tribute.

"We always talked about it, and I figured it was about time to do something," he said.

On Sunday, downtown's Durty Nellie's will host a benefit concert for her. The 8 p.m. tribute will feature Dirty Dan Buck and The Boyzz along with Deluxury.

Kinkel is using the concert as a way to raise money for a monument he wants to have placed outside Durty Nellie's, 180 N. Smith St.

"You could say she was like another mother to me," he said. "She was a special person to the rock music scene in Chicago."

Nugent would often see artists' shows and give them words of advice. She was also well known for her column in the Illinois Entertainer, a local entertainment newspaper. In that, she talked about the rock 'n' roll world and social matters.

Besides the monument, Kinkel, himself a Palatine resident, also will submit plans to the village soon for an honorary street to be named after Ma Nugent, he said.

"We want to raise awareness that she was from Palatine," he said. "When people come to Palatine, it will be right here for them to see."

As for her son, who is now touring in Finland, Kinkel said he keeps in contact with him weekly and that Ted Nugent plans to come to the dedication of his mother's monument later this summer.

For more information, see www.durtynellies.com or www.erickinkel.com

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