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Item # 002


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For Sale
( See pricing below )

Red Lightning CD / DVD Duplicators

These units do Everything!
  • CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW, and DVD+R Dual Layer!
    Why pay someone else to do your duplication when you can do it yourself!!!
    In a band? Make your own CDs! How about your own Videos! Maybe you have a Lecture, Presentation, or Instructional Video you would like to distribute!
    How about that fancy new Intelligent Design idea you've been working on!

    These units are standalone and do not require a computer! (Optional USB interface available to use a PC with the duplicator) These units are brand new high quality Duplicators featuring top quality Sony drives, makes do it yourself duplication a breeze! Hard Drives optionally available as well for storage of high use masters for faster, easier copying! {Listed prices are without shipping, USB or HDD options}

    Make up to 3, 5, 7, or 9 CD copies in about 3 minutes! (Time estimate with 50 minute CD)

    Free delivery to the Chicago area; Shipping available to anywhere in the USA & CA.
    CD-R: 48X
    CD-RW: 24X
    DVD+R: 16X
    DVD+R DL:




    DVD-R: 16X


    3 Burner = $430
    5 Burner = $565
    7 Burner = $730   
    {Prices do not include shipping, USB or HDD options}

    [Ask for available colors. Standard color is black.]


    Item # 003


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    For Sale
    Autographed Ted Nugent By-Laws Print

    $ 50.00


    Item # 004


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    For Sale
    1 Kiss Plate: $190*
    (Entire Lot of 1 Plate and 32 Magazines: $275* {save $15})

    32 Kiss magazines : $100* for all (or $4* separately)
    (Entire Lot of 1 Plate and 32 Magazines: $275* {save $15})

    (Entire Lot of 1 Plate and 32 Magazines: $275* {save $15})
    To see all 32 covers and for more info: CLICK HERE

    *Not including shipping costs Regular Price: $300

    Item # 005


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    For Sale
    Carlos Robelli
    Parlor guitar
    $ 45.00
     Kink played!...Kink approved!

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