Extra COOL Goodies Details Page

Okay... About the pictures. Some are retouched, many (most) are not.  I left the majority of the pictures un-affected in case you want to download
the entire image (select the picture, click enlarge, save the picture) and edit it yourself. Then you can resize them, print them, trade them with with friends.

If you would like me to clean up any of the pictures (and I've gotten very good results pulling decent images out of dreck)
then please email me with the Image name(s), the gallery they're from and your email address; and I'll do it for you, no charge.

Here are some extra's that almost everyone will find interesting:

KISS Memorabilia - Collectors Plate and Magazines)

I've got 32 KISS Magazines and a really rare KISS collectable plate that NEED to gotten gone NOW!  PLEASE, someone buy this set.
Everything is in MINT condition. 
I'm asking $350 for the lot, but I'll let them go for $320 (or less) if you're really cute or desperately need to haggle over price.
CLICK HERE to learn more and email me.

NEW High Quality CD/DVD Duplicators 3, 5, 9 bay slaves.   

Here is another fine bit of engineering that I need to get rid of. Well there are a few of them.  I'll knock off $80 from the prices listed at THIS PAGE.
Contact information is available on THIS PAGE.

These are high quality units that you can pick up cheap.
Get 'em while the last are in stock.


Our Host (Eric Kinkel [Click Here]) has some great items for sale. Visit kinkBay!


From guitars, to autographed Ted Nugent goods, to a handicap wheel-chair Van.

Visit KinkBay, today.  CLICK IT!

Yes, you'll see the duplicators and KISS stuff there, too. But it's worth it.

Come see my amazing Equinox Eggs! Fun for ALL!

That's right ladies and gents. You too can balance an egg on it's point, but only twice a year.


Just CLICK HERE to learn more and see the fun we had around here on the last equinox.