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Eric sings our National Anthem, The "Star Spangled Banner"  at your event.
have an extraordinary arrangement of our National Anthem that I would love to sing at your event. Large or small I can accommodate your needs. I consider this a patriotic and civic contribution to society, to give a part of me that best represents my talents and true feelings for our country. Please join me in celebrating this part of our national heritage by giving your event the patriotic overtones needed to remind ourselves that at all large gatherings, we are one, and that we stand together against a new world post 9-11-01 in a spirit of absolute freedom. I would be honored to be a part of your event by singing our National Anthem, " The Star Spangled Banner". Please contact me by sending me your request along with details regarding your event. All I ask is that my transportation costs be covered... in cash, and, that I receive decent accommodations upon my arrival. I usually come dressed in my red white and blues (as seen above), I travel with one guitar and an amplifier, on occasion my dog Buddy accompanies me. I will need electricity and a microphone, if that is not possible I can bring a microphone of my own.
I am currently working hard on a new rendition of our National Anthem to be previewed this Spring.

The Kink returns to the studio in late March to record the quintessential version of the SSB. Stay tuned for more on this upcoming recording.
 After hearing this touching heartfelt musical tribute to our country you will ultimately find your self in permanent state of Snap Back Salute.

Click eagle to listen to audio of the old yet current version


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