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Wake it up, Shake it up

Cumulatively, for the past several years, I have rarely witnessed nurturing, compassionate women in the greater world around me ( maybe its just Illinois :-). These traits are sadly lacking in the female psyche anymore. The "Cinderella" fairy tale has run-a-muk and has been coupled with social pressure to be something else.

Real intuitions are replaced with vanity and selfishness along with a rare glimpses at the past and how simple and un complicated love can really be.

I applaud those who raise their daughters to become caring, nurturing individuals, sustaining beauty and character while achieving  independence. I admire those who are not influenced by today's silver plattered hand me down nonsensical imagery of reality show powder-puff, street-trash-hippity-hop f**k up's.

The beauty of an ideal male/female partnership beyond the physical attractions or the rings on the fingers is the caring and compassion they share as they grow old. Though I see rare "glimpses" of traditional love and its existence, I don't mean to lump "all" women I encounter into this social enigma. Many people I know "male" and "female" concur that it seems more prominent since the recent turn of this century.

I often wonder where such beauty, love, caring and compassion exists.

Show me it still exists??.


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