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9/23/07 - 

The  Documentary

As fall is nearly upon us and 2007 draws to a close the Kink is boiling over with project ideas galore!

I am still in the process of gathering photo's and film footage from the Ma Nugent memorial I produced back in August. I am also writing the narrative transcript for the documentary about the making of the of this grand tribute 

In retrospect I have witnessed allot of disconnect as to my roll in the event which was widely covered in the media. Through a series of newsprint and radio interviews much of the media got the story correct though some accounts were slightly in accurate. To set the record straight I am making this documentary about how I produced this memorial  to my late friend Marion "Ma" Nugent.

Musical Plateaus

The all mighty beast with in me is roaring with delight as I plunge into the gusto of my creative juices with an endless spirit-tude!

With working titles such as; Guit-dawg, Aurelia Rose, Straight as an arrow, Monkey Button, Witchy thang, Howl at the moon,
The State of my liberty, Autumnal way and The winds of change
, I have reached orgasmic musical heights. Finding new fascinations with my grit-growlin fender strat and the trusty almighty Gibson Jumbo acoustic I am venturing into a variety of attitude and tone unlike any other time in my life. The results will be staggering.


A Tribute Concert?

I may begin planning a concert which pay's  tribute to my late mother and sister Arlene and Linda Kinkel. The entire idea has me tickled pink as a giddy school boy. A showcase of new songs in a glaring tribute to my dearly departed family makes my eyes well up just thinking about it. My latest gem pays homage to a new life in our family tree, my nephews new born daughter "Aurelia Rose".



A possible home base move for the Kink ma be in the near future.


Signing off....

I look forward to continuing my plans so long as I am able.

Stay with me for an exciting year ahead!




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