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 This stimulating read leaves no doubt. Often coined lunatic fringe by the mass conscience of human sheeple, I listen to none, for reason prevails like no other. My life will surely reach heights of content like few will ever realize.

They say as we get older we get wiser, some find that profound aspect earlier in life. I can only share what has pure reason and absolute logic with those I know. This rational has carried me through many a rough time and it will continue to carry through the natural cause and effect of life from here on out.

Sadly, many have a personal, never spoken of sense of this truth, but can't let go because of the social pressures to remain amongst the mass passed down belief, a human frailty if there ever was. Family, friends all mean well to keep you in their course of life, though thoughts are all well meaning they have little comfort except to hopelessly believe in that which is none other than man derived from evolutionary misunderstanding, along with mythological answers meant to falsely comfort mankind since the days of pondering the stars and their existence. We know much better now than we did then.

Find reason and purpose beyond the bully pulpit and you will be content to pursue life at its best.




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