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Marion Dorothy Nugent, Ma Nugent, Ma Nuge, Marion 'Ma' Nugent, Ted Nugents mom, Ted Nugents mother
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Ma Nugent and her son Ted NUgent
Ma Nugent and her son Ted

Ma Nugent and Illinois Entertainer poster
                                      Photo by; Scot Stadalsky

Ma Nugent and gold record, photo by Eric Kinkel
                                                            Photo by; E.K


Marion "Ma" Nugent, as she was known to many, was the mother of well known rock 'n roll motor city madman Ted Nugent. A wild master of the guitar known for his spirited energy and all out,  no holds barred brutally uninhibited rock 'n' roll. Ted Nugent is a name known at home and around the world. He has risen to the top as a self made man of the "alpha" strain.  An avid, passionate  hunter and outdoorsman, Ted is also well known for his outspoken and highly articulate manner when he advocates for the truths of hunting and outdoorsmanship.
 Throughout his nearly 40 years as a pioneer, and master of rock guitar, Ted remains an icon for a generation of rock 'n' roll fans. In the years to come, Ted's relationship with his mother was to become a unique and driving influence in his success.

"Ma" Nugent went on to become a local celebrity herself  when she was asked by local entertainment newspaper the "
Illinois Entertainer" to write a column called "Ma" Nugent's Mail. A "Dear Abbey" of sorts "Ma" answered questions about everything rock 'n' roll, and at times touched on a few social matters.Ma Nugent moument outside Durty Nellies
 Her uncanny responses were refreshing, as she spoke in a manner which transcended her own generation, often putting her self into the shoes of the writer. "Ma" would frequent local clubs and well-known concert venues to seek out and encourage those with the same will and fortitude her son Ted embraced. It was at the local club scene and abroad that "Ma" became a visible icon and "Mother" to many. She endeared all who met her,   with the kind and generous spirit that always accompanied her presence.

"Ma" was a dear friend of mine. She often shared her most personal confidences with me. Her  spirit  struck a unique chord in my life, one which still reverberates with me until this very day.

She was a Mother to many and a friend to all who met her. I salute her memory here at and in turn, share all the good things that were Marion "Ma " Nugent with all who visit this web site.

In return for her gracious and loving spirit I have erected a rock monument to Ma Nugent outside Durty Nellies  in Palatine Illinois, Click here to read more about this grand tribute.

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Ted Nugent hugs his mother Marion Dorothy Nugent, Ma Nugent, photo byu: Eric Kinkel
                                     Photo by; E.K

Ma Nugent and her son Ted Nugent, Photo; by Paul Natkin
                            Photo by; Paul Natkin

Ma Nugent, Ted Nugent, Kathy Nugent O' Keefe, Toby Nugent, Sasha Nugent, photo by: Eric Kinkel
                                    Photo by; E.K

Ma Nugent at Teds house in one of Ted's fur coats, photo by: Eeric Kinkel
                                     Photo by; E.K


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