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Many people recognize "Ma" Nugent as the inspirational mother of rock-n- roll legend Ted Nugent. As a writer, mother to many and a friend to all, her legacy lives in perpetuity on the many pages here at Eric If you are using the  latest O2uk Mobile Broadband  you can always check in wherever you are and visit the multiple pages of stories, videos and audio of this posthumous memorial. Here is your chance to stay connected and stay in touch with the latest regarding the legacy of Ma Nuge!

Ma Nugent Remembered Tribute Concert

June 11 th, 2006, Durty Nellies, Palatine, Illinois

   On June 11th, 2006 I produced and put on a memorial concert for the late Marion "Ma" Nugent the late great rock 'n' roll mother of rock 'n' Mad Man outdoorsman and hunting advocate Ted Nugent. "Ma" as she was affectionately referred, to lived in Palatine, Illinois from 1967 until 1988 when she succumbed to cancer. A rock 'n' roll advice columnist for the Illinois Entertainer "Ma" was a celebrity known at home and abroad. Her characteristic smile and charm and acceptance of all things rock 'n' roll resonated in the heart's of an entire generation of rock 'n' roll fans everywhere, especially in a time when such values were largely ignored. I seek to remember Ma for all she accomplished, her for her loving charismatic ways of passing on that love to the rock 'n' roll community as well as to her own hometown of Palatine. Durty Nellies in conjunction with Eric will host the placing of a rock monument as a memorial to the beloved mother of rock just outside their establishment on 180 N. Smith Street in Palatine.

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A hardy thank you from the Kink...

I would like to give another hardy round of thanks to all those who participated in the "Ma" Nugent Remembered Tribute Concert held at Durty Nellie's this past June. Your hard work and dedication is most appreciated.' Many thanks to: Mark and Jim from Durty Nellie's, Dirty Dan Buck of The Boyzz, Deluxury, Gary Lingner, Guy Arnston, Ellen Moser, Judy Koziarski,
Terri Robson, Jamie Phelps, Michele Maisel, Robin Shield, John Denbroeder from Gerard printing, Dave Robert's and John Vernon from The Illinois Entertainer, 95.1 WIIL rock, WKAN radio Kankakee, 1220 WKRS Waukegan, and Jim Horst.  A special thanks to celebrity guest Jimmy Sohns from the Shadows of Knight for dropping by for an impromptu performance of "Gloria" along with Dirty Dan & the Boyzz.. it was unforgettable !

Ted sends a message...

"Godspeed, Eric, Tell 'em Ma is with me every day & her uppity spirit energy attitude, goodwill & humor is alive & well. And THANX for all the wonderful support & remembrance from everyone. God bless & Godspeed.",
"Ma Nugent's proud son, Ted & family."

The Boyzz churning things up ! -   Horns -a- blowin -   Deluxury whips up some R&B rock -n-roll

Dirty Dan Buck and Guy Arnston  -  Dirty Dan Buck Traci, and Jimy Sohns sing 'Gloria' - The Boyzz rockin out !

Eric relays a message from Ted - Dirty Dan Looks on  - The Boyzz and the Kink posers for fun !

Jimmy Sohns (Gloria)  joins the stage for some R&R -  EZ Dave belts one out ! - E.K. Talks backstage with EZ Dave

Jimmy Sohns &  Jim Horst                           - Karen M. and Eric -                                      Traci strikes a pose

  Eric's speaks                             - Mike Tafoya, Karen M. Eric, and Marge -              Jamie Phelps, Mike T. & Eric

 Table reserved for Ma                                          Dirt & Laura                                 


Atop this page resides an advertisement for the sole purpose of funding the costs of up keep for the Ma Nuge memorial.


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