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What I have learned in this past year, 2007
By; Eric Kinkel

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Compassion and the lack thereof

Through out my life my mother always taught me compassion. How to give it and how to welcome it when it comes your way.

This past year I have witnessed what amounts to be an over all lack of this basic human learned trait.

I see little evidence of it in the work place, at home, in stores, business and in the political arena and most importantly in our own health care oxy-moron for sure.

Something lost in a divided nation our President has sought nothing but prejudice to continue. An arrogance of power, which has alienated our world even further into chaos along with a gross neglect of our own domestic issues.

If you consider for a moment, the stumbling our nation has incurred since he sought to embolden our nation in a war meant to settle political scores for his father. You can't pretend for another moment that this is not the true reason. Our President has paid little attention to anything other than paying back his cronies for allowing him power.

A poor economy, a needless war, racial tension, Hurricane Katrina, CIA outing scandals, a crumbling mortgage industry, high gas prices, a faltering stock market, a religious arrogance, election of non-impartial supreme court appointees. Ignorance of science.

The ONLY thing I agree with this President on is the second amendment… and THAT IS ALL!  Do not count me a sympathizer to his entire negative agenda.

I can't wait for the barrel load of memoirs, books and transcripts that will be released after his so called presidency. Surely they will reveal what this nation has long since incompetent leader.

His lack of domestic compassion trickles its way down into my life and those around me. This past year I lost my sister and my mother to diseases whose cures could be closer than if the President had not blocked legislation to further stem cell research.

A torrent of domestic neglect based on prejudice, has sent this nation into a deeply dis-compassionate down turn, which serves to further our divide.

I am deeply grateful for living in a nation where I am free to editorialize my thoughts on my website in a respectful manner. God-less America!!!

A national election is about to unfold and what I sense is a tightly wound nation drawing back a slingshot effect of tension that should hopefully resolve in a fair election of a person with principles and character to take hard line action and turn this country around with out prejudice or arrogance. With relative certainty, I believe a republican will not be elected.

If this happens, lives will begin to turn around. Hearts and minds will ideally sense the compassion coming from our new fearless (no longer a fear filled) leader. A new regard for our nation will help us forge partnerships with other nations. We can still keep an iron fist on one hand yet yield a peaceful stick with the other.

Personally, I have witnessed little compassion in my own circle of life. A lack of moral aptitude in the social enigma around me. Some who do not know how to, or cannot handle dealing with loss or those who simply refuse to remember the compassion I sought to impart to them in their hour of need. I watched my mother and father witness much the same from their friends and acquaintances shortly after the passing of my sister. I watched this tear my mother up in the days before her eventual death this time last year.

I see very little kindness in the largest ways, more frequently than ever. If there is one thing I can share are my observations of how this affects me and the world I live.

I’m banking on and investing in those who seek a more positive resolve by enacting results in their own lives which will further the cause of a compassionate nation filled with more (than not) those who really care.

As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, there will be those who disagree with what I have said in this editorial.

A broken down system

Over the past year I have witnessed many misdiagnoses of medical maladies and diseases as well as misinterpretation of medical ideals as they pertain to a patients well being. A willful disregard of over all objective health exists in this country. A broken system enabled by the insurance industry and politicians. In the long run, our nation and our communities will continue to suffer until the voices of the sick and dyeing are heard. Other countries are way ahead of us in the survivability rate.


Another thing I learned this past year was; if you do something well and go out of your way, approach with an honest and meaningful purpose, to honor someone with whom you admired and respected, most people will misinterpret it. I have bared witness to this willful ignorance. Many choose to deny the respect it deserves and dismiss it with out ever knowing the person being honored. A hateful misunderstanding. This continues to be a torturous ongoing disregard for myself and those involved in such a respectful accomplishment. Ph**k, those who prefer hating what they do not understand. I appreciate those who, with out prejudice, empathize and respect this honorable achievement.

Regardless of the ignorant, I will continue to do good anyway!

Not “down” with it…..

I also learned this past year; that I do not care for

For the record, I have my own space on the internet; it is the professional looking web site you are viewing right now. Unfortunately MySpace is hogging allot of attention yet doing little to further the beauty and ease of this "opportunistic adventure" for the personification of the average person seeking to "put" themselves on the world wide web. Its becoming something "everyone" is "Having" to do, not out of necessity but rather out of a forced situation.

The 'only' good it may serve is to further 'network' people with each other in the cheapest, messiest way possible.

It is allowing those who use it to over load their families and friends with blinking graphics and looping background audio you wish was not there to annoy you.

Sadly, I have a MySpace page, only because people want to "see it". My website affords me the ability to reveal a highly professional way of introducing myself to the world. It is possible I may keep “MySpace visible, but only to re-link it to my website for your viewing pleasure.

A few solution's I would suggest;

Force users to ‘sensibly’ redesign their pages. Not allowing content to string on endlessly with mile long page’s, in order to view “comments” and ‘’friends” etc. Eventually this translates into a disproportionate amount of content which overload's the viewer.
Increase up load times by providing larger bandwidth.
Not allow unsightly 'tiled' backgrounds.

The concept is good, but needs to be tweaked so that it does not come off as "virtual diarrhea". A mess no one wants to really deal with .


Through out the coming year I will seek a graceful understanding of the world in which I live.
I am grateful for those I know who seek the same understanding of the world we live and embrace the very values I hold dear. I am hopeful that a positive turn of events will alter the static we all feel as the changes which take place in the coming year yield a more prosperous and healthy nation filled with more caring and compassion than ever.

May you find health and happiness in the coming year regardless of the circumstances we are all faced with.


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