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What is Life?
By; Eric Kinkel


The most trite, cliché and powerfully stupid words ever put into a question.

I have some rambunctiously spirited, hysterical funny, theoretical ideas on life. Your eyebrow’s will certainly rise while you cringe to not bite your lip. Hold your tongue and read as I put forth the most powerful argument that "What Is Life?" is just a string of miss interpreted words put together for no real good reason, except to whine about.

Below are 20 of the most highly evolved mind-phuking thoughts you’ll ever read;

1)  WE ARE ANIMALS!!!!!…pinch yourself!

2)  We are sentient beings…at the top of the food chain….remind yourself!

3)  We have evolved over many thousands of years….

4)  The earth is many millions of years old… (Click here) much older than man ever existed…

5)  No God, just unanswered questions about our existence…understand that, capitulate your fear based over thought and turn that brain power into useful morality.

6)  Religion is an oxymoron.

7)  Define yourself and you’ll get many more answers than trying to ask yourself or your friends, family or other human beings…“What is life”….you’ll get a blank stare …as you should.

8) From the first moment you are born from your mother’s womb the journey begins. You evolve, make the best of it.

9)  Every human’s journey is not the same….consider that!

10)  Sleep is part of our evolution. It carries us through, it prepares our bodies by repairing its mechanisms for more life to come.

11)  Analyze what your needs are and go from there. See Maslows Pyramid

12)  Your reality is not the same as others….realize that!

13)  Humans ‘create’ imagery that teaches us to think of ourselves as the only perfection in the universe. We are not perfect, the weak mindedness of religion is proof positive.

14)  We still crawl this earth with other mammals and living species….remember we still conquer the earth with our large brains.

15)  Sex reminds us we are animals, it is the only way humans relate to each other that has any significance. Love is but an evolved emotion, though we all define it in different ways.

16)  Expectations are not What Is Life?”

17)  We all define, in different ways, what our spirit is. We do not know or have answers for whether we actually have such a thing. Don’t let religion fool you. Be smarter than that, believe what feels best to you.

18) As the most intelligent sentient conquering mammal on earth, we have the right to double standard what fits in with our evolution. We remain carnivores. We kill animal’s to eat and we still domesticate other animal to be our pets. These are inalienable double standard rights as our evolution dictates.

19)  Love is but a word…a grunt if you will, a description of our highly evolved animalistic emotion towards affections. We feel it is a harmonious word meant to bring our species together and yet it divides us in so many ways. It feels as if its real but its distinction is always subject to redefinition by each individual human based on their life’s experiences.

20)  I am impressed and appreciate the heart beat of every day. I don’t worry about my death, I know it is inevitable. I seek grace in everything I do; I also seek spirited energy in all things I can accomplish. I want to take care of my body and my mind but find the counter measures to those very things are dependant on others feeling the need to control you though work and play. Even human relationships carry inevitable risks at falling apart unless there is an understanding of commitment and discipline. Each of which can be walked away from in a moments notice. Our independence is often a strike at survivability. The ability to be non judgmental to your fellow human animal is not an easy emotion to ask of yourself because everyone is critical of the other. Our species survives best when backed into a corner. You will do what is best for yourself when that time comes.

So, this ever so trite phrase “What is life?” is really a continual path towards ultimate survivability and eventual death.

Read in between the lines and you'll find happiness and joy simply by using your animal instincts in the most intuitive ways!

Yowza!, celebrate life how ever you see it !. Just don;t ask "What Is Life"'ll get a blank stare.


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