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My Sister
Dr. Linda Kinkel

In the fall of 1993, my mother called to tell me that the left side of my sister Linda's body had gone numb, and that she was scared; What could it be ? A stroke ? Could my sister become paralyzed?, What was the worst to come ? At that time Linda was 41 years old, young by most standards. She was married with no children, but had a vibrant career as a writer, poet, and ornithologist; she also was a champion in environmental affairs. She studied birds all over the world, she loved to travel and write, she had many friends who shared her passions. Now what? One year later, and after many tests, Linda was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

"What's next?" we asked ourselves. Linda had always been a stubborn individual, opting to go it alone when things got rough, so it made sense when she started to seek her own natural treatments to fight this disease. Mean while, my Mother and Father, Chris and Arlene, and my other sister Nancy Gamss, and I, stood on the sidelines and waited, helping out where we could, Linda sought out treatment after treatment, everything from bee sting therapy to diets, oxygen therapy, vitamins, a variety of drugs, and physical therapies. and finally a treatment that could 

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Linda Kinkel's Poems; The World Within and Around Us

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hopefully reverse her MS, stem cell replacement, primarily used to reverse blood cancers such as leukemia. Hopeful and brave, Linda went ahead with the gamble that this procedure would work on her already advanced form of MS. The doctors still were not sure of this procedure and its effectiveness until they could see how it worked in more than the one other test subject, who received the same procedure rather successfully a few months earlier. After enduring a long hospital stay and many painful tests and trials, the procedure seemed mildly successful, and then tapered off to becoming almost completely ineffective. Linda did, however, receive a new immune system from the stem cell procedure. Several years have gone by now, and Linda's condition has progressed to the point that she is completely bedridden and in need of constant 24/7 care. Linda lives with her two care givers in a house in Maple Park, Illinois,

L-R, care-givers, Deema, Joanna, with Linda (center)


about 50 miles west of Chicago. Growing up the youngest with two older sisters, I was often pampered as a kid, I was frequently looked after by my older sisters, ( that is until the sixties came along ... nyuk, nyuk). We all changed a bit as we got older, but that never made me stop remembering my sister as the ever-boisterous rebel and political antagonist, yet always understanding her little brother so well . I think she knew that I had been on the sidelines for so long as the youngest sibling, that I could see the big picture just like she did.... most of the time, that is. Linda has always admired my musical abilities, I admire her creative talents, and in that way I share my life with her; as I try to help her now as an adult with her trials and tribulations. I visit her when I can, and I try to balance life's pleasures and heartaches with the best memories of my childhood growing up with my sister Linda. I love her very much and I am very proud of what she has given this world. I will try to give her back what I can. 

Eric Kinkel

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